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MAPS Business Coaching is a world class coaching and training company founded by Gary Keller and Abraham Shreve. Our main focus is meeting our clients on the front line of their business every week. It’s about helping our clients gain clarity in what they want to achieve. It’s about holding our clients accountable to the daily actions required to execute their plan and achieve their goal. It’s flying our clients up to 10,000 feet on the days that are hard, so they can see what they’ve achieved and where they are going. It’s about flying our clients straight to ground level when they need to focus, so they can say ‘yes’ to their ONE thing and ‘no’ to everything else that seems important and is not urgent. It’s about our clients health, happiness, and relationships. It’s about our clients faith, progress, and achievement. It’s seeing more in our clients than they often see in themselves.

As a business owner or entrepreneur you know first hand the many hats you wear. In this environment of chaos, it is hard to know what the key activity is that will bring your business to the next level. The bad news is that there is no magic bullet. The good news is that there is a way out if you can understand the core models that drive your business.

Understanding the following core models will ignite your business and take it the next level

  • Accountability 

    • In this model we focus on creating consistent, powerful habits that lead to predictable results. 

  • Lead Generation

    • In this model we establish processes to ensure constant, consistent growth and increased revenue in your business.

  • Economics 

    • In this model, we develop  an understanding of how the activities of your staff members translate into revenue and we track the dollars all the way through the funnel to ensure awareness of cash flow and customer flow.

  • Budget 

    • In this model we confront the spending of our company to ensure we hold our money accountable to returning profit.

  • Organization

    • In this model we ensure that we have a plan to Lead, Grow, Train and Cultivate a successful team of talented professionals.

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